New Way To Pay Rent Online

Whether through a credit/debit card, or an ACH Transaction, the majority of Champion residents pay rent online. Previously, although more convenient for most than walking a check to their community office, our payment system had its drawbacks– so we’ve searched for a service that will make this process as seamless as possible and we think we’ve found it.

Introducing our improved way to pay rent online: Champion’s Resident Services Portal.

Either from your phone, with the app (iPhone) (Android), or from anywhere there is a computer, you can now access your personal account portal to make maintenance requests, pay your rent, and view your account.

Pay Rent Online



  • A portal home screen with the option to contact us directly, write a review, or post something in the bulletin board to all of your neighbors.
  • The ability to pay rent online as early as the 28th before rent is due on the first. Previously, our payment manager only allowed you to pay on the day that rent is due, which we understand might have caused inconveniences sometimes, depending on your schedule.
  • You can see your account status at all times.
  • Your roommate can set up his or her own online account and pay part of your rent separately if you split the rent.
  • The convenient phone app allows you to pay on your account even if you’re not at home.

Just like before, a $14.95 convenience fee is still required to process credit card payments, but no fee is required for paying with a checking/savings account and the the best part is you can set up automatic payments all on your own.

Have you registered to use Champion’s Resident Services Portal yet? Please call your office to get your unique Resident ID and then register using the email address that we have for you on file. You’re busy enough as it is. Wouldn’t you like to make this small part of your monthly routine all the more convenient?