How To Participate:

Simply use the provided gray bin and toss in your recyclables. Please rinse out any dirty containers before placing them in your recycling bin. This not only keeps your bin clean but also allows the recyclable materials to be processed more easily. We also ask that you keep these bins inside your apartment at all times, except for the day that they will be emptied by our partner, TrashCab.

On your community’s designated recycling day, please have your bin outside of your front door by 8:00 AM, and have the bin moved back inside your home by the end of the day. Please note, if the bin is not moved back inside your home within this time frame it will be considered a lease violation and could result in a fine. 

What Can You Recycle?

  • Plastic bottles, jars, and jugs. 
    • YES: Soft drink and water bottles, milk jugs. Please rinse and remove caps.
    • NO: Plastic bags, oil jugs, plastic hangers, styrofoam, and wide-mouth containers like buckets or yogurt cups.
  • Glass
    • YES: Bottles and jars.
    • NO: Windows, drinking glasses, light bulbs
  • Cans
    • YES: Aluminum cans, steel soup and food cans, empty aerosol cans.
    • NO: Pots and pans, electronics, coat hangers, paint cans.
  • Paper and cardboard
    • YES: Newspapers, office paper, junk mail, envelopes, magazines, brown paper bags, cardboard, cereal boxes, phone books.
    • NO: Tissues, paper towels, paper plates.

Communities that offer door-to-door recycling:

  • The Attleigh
  • District at Tuttle
  • Duncan Park
  • Grand at Polaris
  • Lake Club at Polaris
  • Northpark Place
  • Oak Creek at Polaris
  • The Residences of Gahanna
  • Ryland Park
  • The Reserve at Walnut Creek
  • Berkley House and Caldera House residents will bring their recycling to the designated recycling rooms.