Verify Your Bank Account

Follow these quick and easy steps to add and verify your bank account in the resident app!

Step 1: Add Your Account

Once you are logged in to your Champion resident app you will need to navigate to the Payment Accounts Tab and select “Add A New Account.”

Step 2: Select Your Payment Type

If you plan to pay with your checking and routing number you will select “Bank Account”. This style of account must be verified for security reasons. 

If you plan to pay using your debit or credit card you will need to select Credit Card. If you use Apple Pay that will be viewed as a credit card as well. If you use this payment method you will not need to verify your account. However, if you choose to use the credit card function you will be charged a 2.5% fee on every payment.

Step 3: Add Your Account Information

Insert your information for the bank account you wish to use. Once you have double-checked that your information is correct, hit submit.

Step 4: Your Account is Now Being Verified

Before you begin paying with this account, it must go through the verification process. Please note that the verification process can take up to 48 hours to complete.

Step 5: Check Your Bank Account for a Deposit

Log into your bank account to find a recent small deposit from RentCafe. This deposit will be less than a dollar and it will come from Bank Verify Sigonfile. Once you locate this deposit, return to your Champion Resident App.

Step 6: Select Your Account to Verify

After you are back in your app, navigate to your Payment Accounts Tab and click on your account.

Step 7: Click Verify

You will see your bank account information listed out. Click the verify button so that you can enter the deposit amount.

Step 8: Enter The Deposit Amount

Enter the deposit amount you found from your bank account. Click submit once more. From the example above the deposit amount was $0.30.

Step 9: Success!

Once everything has been submitted and verified successfully you will get this popup message on your screen. Now your account is set up and ready to be used to make payments!

To make paying rent stress-free, we recommend setting up autopay.

If you have any issues setting up or verifying your bank account, please reach out to our office and we would be more than happy to help!

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