Round Up Your Rent $1 To Make A Huge Difference In Someone’s Life

Sign Up. Give $1 per Month. Make a HUGE Impact. It is THAT simple with our new Champion Cares Foundation.

At Champion, we are incredibly passionate about giving back to the community. But what we knew we were missing was a way to engage our large audience to help us to give back and to make an even greater impact than we ever have before.

Enter the “Round Up Your Rent Program” Through the Champion Cares Foundation

Each Champion resident will now have the opportunity to round up his or her rent $1/ per month to benefit four different charitable organizations in Central Ohio. Only $12 per year may not seem like you are making a difference, but when you think about how many apartments Champion owns in Central Ohio, that $12 per year suddenly turns into more than $36,000 per year.

And Champion will be matching each $1 resident donation! That means there is the potential for $72,000 to be split among four organizations each year.

The four charitable organizations that will be benefiting from the Champion Cares Foundation are Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio, the YWCA Family Center in Columbus, the Children’s Hunger Alliance, and LifeCare Alliance.

These great organizations were selected by Champion’s co-owners Brian Yeager and Michelle Yeager-Thornton, because they believe that NO ONE should have to be without the basic necessities, namely food, water, and shelter.

Are you excited to participate or simply interested in learning more about the program?

Visit Champion Cares for more information or talk to your property manager!! Together we can take small steps to change lives!