Find Social or Special Interest Groups Near You

The sun is out, the temperatures are climbing, and we can finally come out of our months-long hibernation to enjoy all that Central Ohio has to offer. Do you have cabin fever and are itching to get out and socialize, or maybe learn a new skill or share your hobbies with others who love them too?

The great thing about living in a Champion community is that the surrounding area has too many opportunities to count for group activities. Are you looking to take advantage of the outdoors this summer? There are some groups for you. Are you looking for a playgroup for your pet? There are some groups for you. Are you just looking for people to play Euchre with? There’s even some groups for you! Here are a few ways to find what you are looking for:

Meetup Columbus is a great website for finding social groups related to your hobbies and interests. You can filter the group listings by what you are looking for, then each group profile is full of information. The group’s event calendar, the group’s founders and members, past events and photos, and the group’s website if applicable. People can even leave reviews of the group about their experience. It’s the most comprehensive list of Central Ohio group activities that you will be able to find.


The YMCA of Columbus also organizes a variety of group activities for all age groups and interests. Whether you want to paint, or make pottery, or learn a style of dance, or take a weekend trip to a fun new place, the YMCA is a great way to make this happen. Just check your nearby branch for class schedule and availability.

CYP Club

Did you know that Central Ohio boasts THE largest young professionals membership organization in the United States? With 20,000 registered members, the Columbus Young Professionals Club has opportunities every month, all year round for people between the ages of 21-45 to meet and network, learn a new hobby, play on a sports team, or try a new restaurant and bar. A basic membership is free and there are paid memberships available for those interested in some extra perks.


Maybe you’re saying to yourself, this all sounds great, but I am looking for something to do tonight. Believe it or not, there’s a service for you too. Cbusr is an online community with a smart phone app that connects individuals in Columbus based on the plans they are trying to make and the personalities they desire to meet. For instance, if you’re looking for someone nearby to go to a show at the LC Pavilion with you, you’d just search for your neighborhood and “likes live music” and Cbusr will look for matches.

We hope this list armed you with the resources that you need to break out of your apartment and enjoy some new experiences this year. See an organization that you’re interesting in starting in your apartment community? Tell us!