Spring Cleaning Month: Bathrooms

We’ve taken a whirlwind tour of deep-cleaning through your apartment over the past month, and we’ve saved possibly the worst room to clean for last … the bathroom. Bathrooms get gross, plain and simple, and cleaning them often involves a little elbow grease– especially if you avoid cleaning them for an extended period of time. Well, avoid no more, it’s time to finish off our Spring Cleaning Month.

Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom

1. Empty your cabinets and vanity– throw away or combine half-used shampoo/soap/lotion bottles, check expiration dates on medicines
2. Wipe down the inside of the cabinets and put back everything in an organized fashion
3. Vacuum or launder bath mats/rugs
4. Wipe down mirrors and light fixtures
5. Scrub your sink and countertops
6. Scrub the inside and outside of the toilet, not forgetting the often neglected base of the toilet and the floor around it
7. Scrub all soap scum out of your bathtub/shower, wipe down the walls and doors if you have them
8. Unscrew your drain stopper and clean out your drain
9. Sweep and mop your floors before replacing your bath mats/rug

There you have it. It’s a brief list, but it’s not a big room and it doesn’t take much to shape it back up into a room that you don’t mind letting your guests use. So now that you’ve taken our one room a week challenge, how does it feel? We hope you feel your home is more refreshed and organized than before.

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