Which community policies are most important to you?

At Champion, and probably at most apartment complexes, the community policies that are outlined in our leases are not only some of the most important rules to follow for a satisfactory living experience, but are also some of the most difficult rules to enforce due to the large number of people that are involved.

Some of our most basic community policies include: pick up your dog waste, do not leave trash and large items in your breezeway, ask guests to park in guest parking spots and leave the closer in proximity spots to the residents, etc. These lend themselves to overall community cleanliness, and simple day-to-day satisfaction to name a few reasons.

So we want to know: Which of our community policies are the most important to you? We think that determining which Champion community policies are the most important to our residents will not only make us a better management company, but it will also help you and your neighbors be more mindful of the rules they may or may not be following.

Thank you for your participation in making Champion communities better for everyone who lives in them. Please click on the image below to take the poll.

Community Policy Poll